Convert Text File into Excel File

Best and quick way to convert your text file into (note pad file) to open into excel sheet using below steps. These steps to convert or open an note pad file / text file into any version of MS Excel remain same.
text to excel

First Open MS Excel by going into Windows>> MS Office >> MS Excel 
An new Excel file will open on that File click on File Menu 

Now Click on Open: Here you have to choose your note pad file. txt

Select text file by choosing All File option as below

after selecting file click open , next will window will show you "Text Import Wizard"

By Delimited option will be selected  you just have to click next 

Next window will give you option to select Delimiters option: Select Space
as soon as you select Space option in Delimiters you must have observed all space has been segregated as below highlighted 
quickly convert text file into excel

Now Click Finish, you text file has now imported and converted into excel file in proper excel row and column , result will be Look like this.

text to excel

Video Guide: How to Convert Text File into Excel File

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