Sunday, April 19, 2020

Browser.exe Application Error on Windows 7

Recently i come across an annoying error on  my Windows 7 laptop, whenever i was trying to open any application /software it was giving me BROWSER.EXE Application error, few times i thought its application error so i went ahead and uninstall and reinstall the application but that doesn't really make differences then finally found the actual reason for this error which i was getting whenever i tried to open any software application be it MS Word  , an PDF File or anything on my computer laptop. Lets first have an look on error screen that i was getting and then quickly we will jump into solution.

browser application error

Okay, so the reason of this browser.exe application error was the old IE version (Internet Explorer  or you can say out dated version of IE.

Solution: install or upgrade your current IE version to latest version of Internet Explorer.

I'm sure you must be knowing to install or upgrade your IE version, if no follow below steps to install latest version of Internet Explorer in best way by going to this link

first download and then install, comment below if any challenge i will help you out.

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