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What is CPS?

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) in Telecom or CPS in Telecommunication
CPS is a term where a telephone subscriber whose telephone line maintain by another telephone carrier / service provider.

For example: Number 0121843-xxxx owned by BT but from subscriber side call will be routing through other carrier PBX devices.

What are NGN Numbers

NGN Number or Non-Geographical Numbers are those number which are not associated with any particular location unlike traditional PSTN (public switched telephone number) those are location specific. These numbers are used for large organizational for larger customer from different-2 location within nation.

NGN number is virtual number that get routed to any physical number. Most of UK NGN numbers start with 0345 or 0845 and call from these NGN number routed to physical number for example a NGN number 0345-xxx-xxx-xxx route call to 0121-31-xx xx xx

Why to use NGN number?
NGN is virtual number can be setup within hourEasy to manage and route call as per requirement Toll free numberEasily to remember  Customer friendly number


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