Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hide Notification previews on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

To be very honest, I recently have moved out form Android phone to iOS phone and being a new into the word of Apple iOS there are many new stuffs to know about to make it good as per convenient, the very first annoying and inconvenient thing that I had noticed on day is whenever there is any apps notification it gives preview of content when my iPhone is locked, until now I had not cared about until a SMS notification comes when I was seating with colleague and he actually read the completed previous of my  personal message that really annoyed then I looked in settings where i actually can disable / hide notification preview of content on locked iphone's screen and actually found option to disable notification preview, I 'am sure many of you want to hide notification preview for all applications on iPhone, so here are the snipped guide that will help you to hide notification

Hide Notification Preview for all app on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

hide notification preview on iphone ios on locked screenhide notification preview for all app in iphone locked screen
Before and after locked screen


Let's find to hide all app notification previews using below screen shot

1. Go to SETTING on iPhone
hide message notification preview in iphone when phone is locked

2. Find Notifications option under setting, screen similar to below

hide notification preview in lock iphone screen

3. Tap on Notifications and then SHOW PREVIEWS similar to below screen 

disable preview content for all notificaiton on iphone locked screen
That's all. Cheers!
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