Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cisco Phone Registered with Active Load ID: Unknown

What is active Load ID? and Why some registered Cisco phone shows Active Load ID: Unknown?

This field display active firmware load version if Cisco phone registered with Call Manager and in some cases registered phones shows Active Load ID: Unknown

Active Load ID display unknown
  • When phone firmware load version and SCCP/SIP Phone version does not support necessary version
  • When Phone is third party phone
  • When Cisco Unified Communication Manager unable to determined phone firmware
You must be thinking How to check current Firmware version running on Cisco IP Phone?
There are many ways to check current running firmware version that I am listing below for you to check.
  1. Check running Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID on Cisco IP phone itself
  2. Check Firmware version in Device Configuration page
  3. Check Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID through Webpage
Let me share detail on all above steps to check current running firmware version that also called load ID.

How to Check Current Firmware Version on Cisco IP Phone

  1. Press setting button on Cisco IP Phone
  2. Scroll up/down and select Model Information and tap on select
  3. there you must be finding:
              - Model Number
              - MAC Address
              - Load File  *SSCP42.9-3-1 SR2-1S*  (you will find Load file name similar to this and that is actually your phone's firmware)

Note: this steps will exactly be same if you have Cisco 7942 model phone and it may vary according to phone.

Check Current Firmware on Device configuration page

  1. Login into Call Manager
  2. Go to Device >> Phone

Check Running Firmware Version / Load ID / Boot ID through Phone webpage

if you have IP address of phone enter it over the web page address there on first page you will find all required information related to particular phone, at the same page you will find logs related to phone.


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