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Q. What is DNIS and ANI?
ANI= Calling number
DNIS = Called number

other way you can try to remember it as Dialed from number is ANI and dialed to number is DNIS

For example: Your extension is 23871111 and you received a call from extension number 23872387, in that case your extension is DNIS and the caller number is ANI.

Now let me brief on what is the difference between DNIS and ANI?
DNIS is stand for Dialed Number Identification Service that sold by telecom service provider incorporate dialed number which commonly used to route call in large telephonic environment.

ANI is stand for Automatic Number Identification is a feature used by telecommunication service provider to determine caller number.

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Cisco Phone Registered with Active Load ID: Unknown

What is active Load ID? and Why some registered Cisco phone shows Active Load ID: Unknown?

This field display active firmware load version if Cisco phone registered with Call Manager and in some cases registered phones shows Active Load ID: Unknown

Active Load ID display unknown
When phone firmware load version and SCCP/SIP Phone version does not support necessary versionWhen Phone is third party phoneWhen Cisco Unified Communication Manager unable to determined phone firmware You must be thinking How to check current Firmware version running on Cisco IP Phone?
There are many ways to check current running firmware version that I am listing below for you to check.
Check running Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID on Cisco IP phone itselfCheck Firmware version in Device Configuration pageCheck Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID through Webpage Let me share detail on all above steps to check current running firmware version that also called load ID.

How to Check Current F…

Hide Notification previews on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

To be very honest, I recently have moved out form Android phone to iOS phone and being a new into the word of Apple iOS there are many new stuffs to know about to make it good as per convenient, the very first annoying and inconvenient thing that I had noticed on day is whenever there is any apps notification it gives preview of content when my iPhone is locked, until now I had not cared about until a SMS notification comes when I was seating with colleague and he actually read the completed previous of my  personal message that really annoyed then I looked in settings where i actually can disable / hide notification preview of content on locked iphone's screen and actually found option to disable notification preview, I 'am sure many of you want to hide notification preview for all applications on iPhone, so here are the snipped guide that will help you to hide notification

Hide Notification Preview for all app on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

Let's find to hide all app notifi…


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