Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cisco UCCE Blog | Cisco Unified Contact Center Blog

cisco ucce blog
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Its been a long time I blogged and now I feel like completely new in this word and to be frank my head is blank what to write what to share and where from I should :p

Days has became years now to my thought is to first read articles and refresh my own knowledge and then share which I always do with my mantra for blogging Learn and Share Knowledge. So, here are the list of blog that I will be scrolling in few days before I conclude a stuff for you guys. So the first thing that I want to explore theoretical part of UCCE (Cisco Unified Communication Enterprise) as I already into this technology since I joined my new current organization BT (British Telecom) in year 2015.

We all learn from each other so I would say folk you also  share your thought knowledge through any medium, if you are in interested to join me on facebook  like my page fb/Techorient

Here are List of blog  that I am currently going through

Do you want to add any blog in this list? comment url/link below I will to be added here :) cheers
Happy Sharing

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