Cisco 7942 Factory Reset

Follow below simple steps to perform factory reset your Cisco 7942 IP Phone

  1. Unplug network cable from the back of phone and then plug network cable back in. The phone will begin its power up process.
  2. Press and Hold # Key from one finger when you are plugging network cable back in and before Speaker Button flash on and off keep holding # Key
  3. Release # Key and press 123456789*0#  
If you press keys unsequencely or make delay to release or hold # Key phone will boot normally hence make sure to press these steps carefully and if phone boot normally you have to perform above steps again. Below is Video guide to help you to perform factory reset on cisco phone.

Enable Administrator Account in Windows 10

By default administrator user account is hidden in windows 10 that you have to enable by running command, here is this post I will tell you the best and simplest way to enable admin account using command prompt.

  1. Tap on Windows Key. or type CMD on search bar like this 
    enable admin user in windows 10
  2. Type CMD and simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key. note all three keys should be press simultaneously 
  3. Next window will pop up will ask you to accept press yes there will be admin command prompt , for example 
    how to enable administrator account in windows 10
  4. Type command net user administrator /active:yes and hit enter. You will get message saying command completed successfully.
  5. You're done, after restart you will find option to login using administration user account.


Q. What is DNIS and ANI?
ANI= Calling number
DNIS = Called number

ani and dnis

other way you can try to remember it as Dialed from number is ANI and dialed to number is DNIS

For example: Your extension is 23871111 and you received a call from extension number 23872387, in that case your extension is DNIS and the caller number is ANI.

Now let me brief on what is the difference between DNIS and ANI?
DNIS is stand for Dialed Number Identification Service that sold by telecom service provider incorporate dialed number which commonly used to route call in large telephonic environment.

ANI is stand for Automatic Number Identification is a feature used by telecommunication service provider to determine caller number.

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Cisco Phone Registered with Active Load ID: Unknown

Cisco Phone Registered with Active Load ID: Unknown

What is active Load ID? and Why some registered Cisco phone shows Active Load ID: Unknown?

This field display active firmware load version if Cisco phone registered with Call Manager and in some cases registered phones shows Active Load ID: Unknown

Active Load ID display unknown
  • When phone firmware load version and SCCP/SIP Phone version does not support necessary version
  • When Phone is third party phone
  • When Cisco Unified Communication Manager unable to determined phone firmware
You must be thinking How to check current Firmware version running on Cisco IP Phone?
There are many ways to check current running firmware version that I am listing below for you to check.
  1. Check running Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID on Cisco IP phone itself
  2. Check Firmware version in Device Configuration page
  3. Check Firmware version / Load ID / Boot Load ID through Webpage
Let me share detail on all above steps to check current running firmware version that also called load ID.

How to Check Current Firmware Version on Cisco IP Phone

  1. Press setting button on Cisco IP Phone
  2. Scroll up/down and select Model Information and tap on select
  3. there you must be finding:
              - Model Number
              - MAC Address
              - Load File  *SSCP42.9-3-1 SR2-1S*  (you will find Load file name similar to this and that is actually your phone's firmware)

Note: this steps will exactly be same if you have Cisco 7942 model phone and it may vary according to phone.

Check Current Firmware on Device configuration page

  1. Login into Call Manager
  2. Go to Device >> Phone

Check Running Firmware Version / Load ID / Boot ID through Phone webpage

if you have IP address of phone enter it over the web page address there on first page you will find all required information related to particular phone, at the same page you will find logs related to phone.


Hide Notification previews on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

To be very honest, I recently have moved out form Android phone to iOS phone and being a new into the word of Apple iOS there are many new stuffs to know about to make it good as per convenient, the very first annoying and inconvenient thing that I had noticed on day is whenever there is any apps notification it gives preview of content when my iPhone is locked, until now I had not cared about until a SMS notification comes when I was seating with colleague and he actually read the completed previous of my  personal message that really annoyed then I looked in settings where i actually can disable / hide notification preview of content on locked iphone's screen and actually found option to disable notification preview, I 'am sure many of you want to hide notification preview for all applications on iPhone, so here are the snipped guide that will help you to hide notification

Hide Notification Preview for all app on iPhone iOS Lock Screen

hide notification preview on iphone ios on locked screenhide notification preview for all app in iphone locked screen
Before and after locked screen


Let's find to hide all app notification previews using below screen shot

1. Go to SETTING on iPhone
hide message notification preview in iphone when phone is locked

2. Find Notifications option under setting, screen similar to below

hide notification preview in lock iphone screen

3. Tap on Notifications and then SHOW PREVIEWS similar to below screen 

disable preview content for all notificaiton on iphone locked screen
That's all. Cheers!
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Cisco UCCE Blog | Cisco Unified Contact Center Blog

cisco ucce blog
image Nathan Neil

Its been a long time I blogged and now I feel like completely new in this word and to be frank my head is blank what to write what to share and where from I should :p

Days has became years now to my thought is to first read articles and refresh my own knowledge and then share which I always do with my mantra for blogging Learn and Share Knowledge. So, here are the list of blog that I will be scrolling in few days before I conclude a stuff for you guys. So the first thing that I want to explore theoretical part of UCCE (Cisco Unified Communication Enterprise) as I already into this technology since I joined my new current organization BT (British Telecom) in year 2015.

We all learn from each other so I would say folk you also  share your thought knowledge through any medium, if you are in interested to join me on facebook  like my page fb/Techorient

Here are List of blog  that I am currently going through

Do you want to add any blog in this list? comment url/link below I will to be added here :) cheers
Happy Sharing

English Grammar PDF Download (English Grammar in Hindi)

Was searching for Basic English Grammar Book in Hindi and have found one interesting link on sarkarihelp .com that I really feel worth sharing with you guyz. Use below link to download basic English grammar in pdf format that has all the basic English grammar topics

English Grammar PDF Download (English Grammar in Hindi)

Download English Grammar PDF


Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (ucce) pdf free download

Download Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise book in .PDF format for free using below link

ucce book free download pdf 

back ground image

Image for home



Cisco 7911G Factory Reset

Factory reset Cisco 7911G IP Phone:

factory reset cisco ip hone 7911
Cisco 7911 phone upgrading screen after factory reset

Before performing factory reset we must know why are going to this and what is the need and what will be the result. So, in this post I try to explain Factory reset and its output for you.

Why and when we perform factory reset:



Factory reset steps for each Cisco phone model is similar but not exactly same so be careful while performing factory reset.

Steps to Perform Factory reset:

  1. Unplug both the network cable from the back of phone and plug both the network cable back.
  2. While phone powering on press # key
  3.  Release # key and immediately press 123456789*0# . after moment phone should be starting to display phone UPGRADING..  if so it means device performing factory reset if no then you need to look back again in factory reset steps and check to retry factory reset.

Top 10 VOIP IP Telephony Interview Questions with Answer

Today, i will try to list down top 10 VOIP Interview questions that mostly being asked for first round of interview and then later on may be in this post or in series of IP Telephony Interview Question and answer i will post my answer, so here we go with list of question.

VOIP IP Telephony Interview Questions with Answer

  1. What Is VOIP?
  2. How VOIP Is better then Traditional Telephone services?
  3. How Does VOIP work?
  4. What is the advantage of VOIP?
  5. What is the actual cost of VOIP? ( this question is not important but you should be aware of so its important for a VOIP professional)
  6. What kind of devices/component is required for VOIP Infrastructure?
  7. What are the protocols for VOIP?
  8. Describe main protocols for VOIP?
  9. How to make VOIP Call ?
  10. How VOIP call flows?

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