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What is CPS?

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) in Telecom or CPS in Telecommunication
CPS is a term where a telephone subscriber whose telephone line maintain by another telephone carrier / service provider.

For example: Number 0121843-xxxx owned by BT but from subscriber side call will be routing through other carrier PBX devices.


What are NGN Numbers

what are NGN number

NGN Number or Non-Geographical Numbers are those number which are not associated with any particular location unlike traditional PSTN (public switched telephone number) those are location specific. These numbers are used for large organizational for larger customer from different-2 location within nation.

NGN number is virtual number that get routed to any physical number. Most of UK NGN numbers start with 0345 or 0845 and call from these NGN number routed to physical number for example a NGN number 0345-xxx-xxx-xxx route call to 0121-31-xx xx xx

Why to use NGN number?
  • NGN is virtual number can be setup within hour
  • Easy to manage and route call as per requirement
  • Toll free number
  • Easily to remember  
  • Customer friendly number


Cisco 7942 Factory Reset

Follow below simple steps to perform factory reset your Cisco 7942 IP Phone

  1. Unplug network cable from the back of phone and then plug network cable back in. The phone will begin its power up process.
  2. Press and Hold # Key from one finger when you are plugging network cable back in and before Speaker Button flash on and off keep holding # Key
  3. Release # Key and press 123456789*0#  
If you press keys unsequencely or make delay to release or hold # Key phone will boot normally hence make sure to press these steps carefully and if phone boot normally you have to perform above steps again. Below is Video guide to help you to perform factory reset on cisco phone.

Enable Administrator Account in Windows 10

By default administrator user account is hidden in windows 10 that you have to enable by running command, here is this post I will tell you the best and simplest way to enable admin account using command prompt.

  1. Tap on Windows Key. or type CMD on search bar like this 
    enable admin user in windows 10
  2. Type CMD and simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key. note all three keys should be press simultaneously 
  3. Next window will pop up will ask you to accept press yes there will be admin command prompt , for example 
    how to enable administrator account in windows 10
  4. Type command net user administrator /active:yes and hit enter. You will get message saying command completed successfully.
  5. You're done, after restart you will find option to login using administration user account.

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